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DetNet product scope extended!

We are glad to announce that the DetNet database has been extended!

As from today the product category alkaline bleach and its related Reference Formulations are available in the search tool. Also these Reference Formulations, as all Reference Formulations in DetNet, have been tested for skin/eye irritation/corrosion and the tests results included in the related study summaries may be used for classifying similar untested mixtures by applying bridging principles. 

Thus, DetNet can be used for laundry detergents (liquids, powders), hand dish wash detergents, all-purpose cleaners (non-extreme pH products), and alkaline bleach, both consumer and professional products.


DetNet membership is successfully and constantly increasing: 148 companies from 21 different countries have already joined DetNet!


More than 100 companies!

One year after the official launch of the DetNet website, we are happy to announce that 113 companies have completed the subscribing procedure to use the DetNet database. The number of DetNet members has more than doubled since last summer, confirming the high interest of companies in this initiative.

We look forward to a successful use of the DetNet database in 2015, the CLP implementation year!