Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

The DetNet database includes ca. 200 formulations ('Reference Formulations'), covering a wide range of market relevant mixtures, each supported by skin and/or eye toxicological test data, either historical in vivo or recently generated data using in vitro methods. The database will constantly be enriched and updated based on members’ input and latest industry research.

The DetNet database provides a Reference Formulation Search Tool which allows identifying potential reference formulations for further evaluation. The reference formulations include laundry detergents (liquids and powders), hand dish wash detergents and all-purpose cleaners. For each reference formulation the compositional details, the physical-chemical data and the toxicological summary of associated test data are available. Reference Formulation compositions are made available to experts from companies using a fixed format that provides sufficient detail to enable comparison of mixtures and application of bridging principles, but still protects confidential business information of the data owner (e.g. no trade name of ingredient, use ‘perfume’ generically, etc.)

Toxicological data of Reference Formulations include new in vitro data (generated using validated in vitro test methods, such as the EpiSkinTM Skin Irritation Test, and the Isolated Chicken Eye Test enhanced with histopathological assessment - for more information on the ICE test and histopathology, click  here), as well as historical in vivo studies. All studies have been assessed for quality and reliability (Klimisch scoring) and study summaries are available for each test report.

A.I.S.E. expects the database to grow over time, as more in vitro data are generated and new products types are added.