Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

The classification expert(s) can either be a company employee or a consultant retained under contract by a company to carry out classification assessments (as shown in the below diagram):



‘Company-retained consultant’ means that a company has a separate contract with an consultant of its choice to perform classification assessments (and any other work covered by that contract). This consultant ‘acts as an internal expert’ for that company which nominated him/her for the purpose of DetNet.

Note: The consultancy contract is solely between the company and the consultant, no link with A.I.S.E. or with DetNet.


Several independent consultants offered their services in case companies wanting to use the DetNet database don’t have “in-house” expertise. A non-exhaustive list of consultants is available here for consideration.

This list does not constitute an A.I.S.E. recommendation. It is provided as a convenience only.

The experts listed herein are not A.I.S.E. employees but independent consultants offering their services to companies, in relation to DetNet, on a private basis.

Each company choosing to use their services is responsible for checking the competence of the expert of their choice, as they are responsible for the contractual relationship they establish with the expert. A.I.S.E. takes no liability with regard to the use made of the list or the experts listed herein.


Both types of classification experts need to go through the DetNet nomination process before they can gain access to the DetNet database.


Nomination process:

  • The company completes the expert nomination form and sends it to the DetNet manager. The first nomination of the expert(s) by the company is available upon registration;
  • The nomination form is submitted to the DetNet Manager for review against the eligibility criteria; the DetNet manager recommends (or not) inclusion into the Expert Pool; in case of doubt, the DetNet Manager will seek advice from the DetNet Scientific Advisory Panel;
  • The DetNet Manager informs the company of the decision (including reasons if nomination not accepted and available options e.g. undergo external training and re-apply in a couple of months);
  • If the nomination is accepted, the expert signs a non-disclosure agreement with A.I.S.E. and commits to follow the training within the first months of membership;
  • The DetNet manager assigns a personal password to the expert for access to the DetNet database;
  • In the event a nomination is not accepted, the company has right of appeal by submitting additional justification in writing to the DetNet Manager;
  • Expert access to DetNet is conditional on the company’s membership period;
  • Company will inform the DetNet Manager if/ when any change of the appointed expert (e.g. leaves the company or is replaced.


The process for nominating any additional experts is covered in the DetNet members area.