Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

DetNet is open to all companies placing detergent or cleaning products on the market and responsible for classification and labelling for skin and eye effects under CLP in the EU plus other European countries with national CLP implementation:

  • whether multinationals or small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • whether members or non-members of A.I.S.E. or its National Associations;
  • whether manufacturer, retailer or importer (agent).


Products in scope

The priority products for which DetNet is available are laundry detergents (liquids, powders), hand dish wash detergents and all-purpose cleaners (non-extreme pH products), for both consumer and professional use. DetNet reference formulations could also be used for other product types with similar chemistry (i.e. those based on surfactants for example car wash products). Other products with similar chemistry refers to product composition: for example, if a detergent for a different intended use has a similar composition to an all-purpose cleaner, DetNet can be of use. In other words, it is the composition of the mixture that matters, not the intended use or the product category.


Only skin and eye endpoints will be covered. Other endpoints, other hazards of relevance under CLP, will have to be assessed separately, for each mixture.



Whilst DetNet is a service proposed by the EU Detergent Industry (A.I.S.E.) for CLP Classification, A.I.S.E. reminds that each company placing products on the market is responsible for the final classification.