Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

The unique features of DetNet include:


Web-based IT system
  •  IT-system to search the database of Reference Formulations
  • Security (individual access code), confidentiality of composition information


Data sharing for all users, expertise
  • Ca. 200 formulations, including recent market representative products
  • Recent in vitro data 
  • Toxicological data quality and robustness assessed ('Klimish scoring')
  • Toxicological study Summaries available to users
  • Scientific Advisory Panel comprising experts from academia, who are consulted on science and expertise related matters


Standardised process and records
  • Classification Record using a standard format
  • Classification logging number as proof that an expert has used DetNet to derive classification
  • Classification explanatory notes
  • Composition details on reference formulations to enable a refined comparison of formulation compositions


Training and support
  • Training of classification experts
  •  HelpDesk support in the future
  •  Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits for consumers
  • Avoid confusion of consumers
  • Reflect actual effects on man based on human experience
  • Avoid devaluing warning labels
  • Avoid unsafe handling of the really hazardous products


Benefits for companies
  • Restrict negative impact on brand and claims
  • Avoid limited retail shelf positioning
  • Avoid additional transport, storage and labelling constraints