Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

Profile and roles:
  • The external experts (with expertise in dermatology, clinical toxicology) proposed by A.I.S.E. are currently available to support DetNet members on request;
  • DetNet external experts will have access – in full confidentiality - to full formulation details and/or test reports by request on a case by case basis when required to confirm a particular classification;
  • Classification experts needing further information to complete an assessment will have to go to a DetNet external expert;
  • The services of external experts are available to all companies e.g. companies without in-house classification expertise or companies with in-house expertise requiring second opinion or further information to complete an assessment. They will carry out classification assessments on request from companies who are members of DetNet (costs apply – cost level will depend on the contractual arrangements between the company requesting the service and the external expert).


The list containing the names of the External Experts is available here.


Independent classification experts wishing to be considered for the role of external expert should contact the DetNet Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).