Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification

The DetNet fees comprise an annual subscription fee variable according to turnover band of the company for products within scope and a fee linked to the number of mixtures successfully classified using DetNet reference formulations (the so called Classification Logging fee).


1. Annual subscription fee 

The annual subscription fee is based on self-declared annual turnover band for detergent products companies wish to classify which are within DetNet’s scope (laundry, hand dish wash, all-purpose cleaners) in EU + EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) + Turkey.

 A.I.S.E. reserves the right to check the 'self-declared' turnover.



  • A company is not able to 'screen the database' before deciding to become a subscriber (for confidentiality/security reasons).
  • Annual subscription fees have to be paid before access to DetNet is granted. 
  • Upon renewal of subscription, annual fee shall be paid for access and use to be extended.
  • A company supplying detergent and cleaning products in an European country but not in the EU or EFTA or Turkey should select the relevant turnover band based on the most recent annual turnover for products in scope in the European country of supply.
  • A company which does not manufacture products within scope but wants to use DetNet for classifying other product types with similar chemistry will pay the minimum fee (250 € if a NA member company, 1250 € if non-member company).


The turnover bands and annual fee levels are showed in the table below:




Note: Fees applicable to A.I.S.E. direct member companies and/or National Association member companies apply to companies with such membership at the time when  DetNet was launched (November 2013).

Subscription fees for non-members reflect the fact that non-member companies do not pay National Association (NA) membership fees and have not contributed as such to the development of DetNet.

For information about A.I.S.E. or National Associations' membership, please contact A.I.S.E. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the National Associations directly (see list here).


2. The Classification Logging fee per successful classification using DetNet

The Classification Logging fee per successful classification using DetNet is 150 € per formulation.A classification is 'successful' when the expert is being able to derive a classification using one or more reference formulations and bridging principles.

Note: If a company wants to use a DetNet external expert, additional costs will be incurred as the company will need to pay for the external expert’s services.


Invoice and payment

Subscription fees have to be paid (by bank transfer) upon receipt of the invoice before the access to the DetNet database is allowed.

Invoices for subscription annual renewals will be sent out in January 2014 and subsequent Januarys as applicable.

Classification logging fees will be invoiced in January and July each year as applicable. Invoices will take into account any data compensation accrued on company data shared for use in the DetNet database.


Data compensation mechanism

For those companies providing data to DetNet database, a data compensation mechanism is in place based on standard study costs and Reference Formulation usage rates.